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  1. The National Academy of Performing Arts, Oslo, Norway 1994-97.

  2. 20 years of studies in classical, flamenco and tango singing for Dorothy Irving (classical), Thierry Boisdon (flamenco) and Patricia Andrade (tango).

  3. Dancing for Actors. Academy of Dramatic Arts, Stockholm. Choreographers: Örjan Andersson, Malin Hellkvist Sellén and Dorte Olessen.


I have participated in many perfomances in theaters ranging from the nationwide Swedish Riksteatern, Alias Teatern/Complejo Teatal de Buenos Aires (Argentina), The City Theaters of Oslo Norway), Malmö and Upsala (Sweden), to fringe groups like ”Theater Tribunalen” and ”Strindbergs Theater” (Sweden).


  1. Malmö Stadsteater, Sweden: Show Boat, Into the Woods, Elvira Madigan.

  2. Chateau Neuf, Oslo (Norway): West Side Story.

  3. Det Norske Teater, Oslo (Norway): Sweeney Todd, Elvira Madigan.


Chasing Rainbows (Independent Film, USA 2013) Director: Robert Fritz.

Beck - In The Eye of The Storm (Filmlance, Sweden 2008) Director: Harald Hamrell.

  1. The Art of Negative Thinking (Maipo Film, Norway 2006) Director: Bård Breien.

  2. Exit (Röda Orm Film, Sweden 2005) Director: Peter Lindmark.

  3. Possessed (Danmarks Radio/Klondike Film, Danmark 1998) Director: Anders Klarlund.

  4. Kristin Lavransdatter (Norsk Film, Norway 1994) Director: Liv Ullmann.


  1. Akt 2 (RJF Productions, Sweden 2013) Director: Robert Fritz.

  2. El Menú (El Terror del Silencio, Sweden 2012) Director: El Terror del Silencio.

  3. Mellom Rom (Film og Kunstfagskolen i Lofoten, Norway 2012) Director: Vidar Wikran.

  4. Gloria (Den Norske Filmskolen, Norway 2010) Director: Tove Undheim.

  5. E-18 (Mirmar Film Production, Norway 2009) Director: Bjørn Abelson.

  6. A little Tiger (Dramatiska Institutet, Sweden 2006) Director: Anna Carin Andersson.

  7. Heartcut (Den Norske Filmskolen, Norway 2006) Director: Anne Sewitsky.

  8. It Takes Two to Tango (Dramatiska Institutet, Sweden 1997) Director: Kristina Humle.

  1. Dag (Tv2 Norge, Norway 2012) Director: Øystein Karlsen.

  2. Anno 1790 (SvT Drama, Sweden 2011) Director: Kristina Humle.

  3. Våra Vänners Liv (SvT Drama, Sweden 2009-10) Director: Andersson/Georgsson/Maserrat-Agah.

  4. Oskyldigt Dömd (TV4, Sweden 2009) Director: Niklas Olsson.

  5. Seks som Oss (Norska TV2, Norway 2004) Director: Per Olav Sørensen.

  6. Min f.d. Familj (SvT, Sweden Drama 2003) Director: Rickard Petrelius.

  7. Skeppsholmen (SvT Drama, Sweden 2002-03) Director: Kaijser/Masserat-Agah/Marcemain.

  8. Pusselbitar (SvT Drama, Sweden 2000) Director: Simon Kaijser.

  9. Labyrinten (SvT Drama, Sweden 1999) Director: Daniel Bergman.

  1. RADIO

  2. I have participated in many performances for the Radio Theater              

  3. on Swedish Radio, f ex Dostoyevsky’s ”The Possessed”, Almqvist’s

  4. Castle Chronicles” och Crimps’ ”Attempts on her life”, ”Den Blåa Tjuren”,

  5. ”Befria Lagunen”.


  7. First novelle ”En för Alla och Alla för En” published april 2014 at Tundell & Salmson 

  8.    Audio AB.

  9. A Saint Metamorphosis (Ett Helgons Metamorfos) by El Terror del Silencio (Theater

  10.    play, 2013)

  11. The Cock Crows to Death (Tuppen Gal till Döds) by El Terror del Silencio (Theater play,

  12.     2014)                                  

  13. En för Alla och Alla för En by El Terror del Silencio (Movie script, 2014)

  14. SKILLS

  15. Speaks norwegian, swedish, english and spanish.  

  16. Sings classical music (including opera), tango, cabaret, and jazz.         

  17. Dances tango.

  18. Drivers’ licence.


Kirsti Torhaug


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